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"After cooking for a family of 8 for umpteen years, and for one for 12 years, I was sick of cooking. It was no fun any more. I was lucky to have Wade come into my life, and into my kitchen one day a week to prepare healthy and delicious meals for a few days or a week. He is also great for a party or a dinner of four, eight or whatever number. Wade is very pleasant and trustworthy too!"

- Irene Virtue

"We challenged Chef Wade and Boreal Cuisine to create a funky tiki-themed menu for our office-warming party with the inclusion of one favourite Hawaiian ingredient... Spam. Everything was a hit, including the Mesquite Smoked Spam on Crostini topped with Caramelized Pineapple and Starfruit Relish. The Boreal Cuisine staff was professional and friendly and we recommend them to our own clients every chance we get."

- Russ Bugera, Strut Creative

"We hired Wade twice, once for our office Christmas party, when he created an entire menu, for fifty people, including appetizers, entrees, and deserts, all in a way that we could eat anytime over the course of the evening. He was great to work with and presented a custom menu, and then worked with us to finalize it.

The second time we hired Wade was when my wife and I decided to invite three couples over for a garden party. Wade acted as our personal chef and created an incredible five course meal that just blew everyone away. It was fantastic to have Wade explain every dish and answer any questions that we had- it was a very memorable night. Wade serves the best roasted meat in Calgary."

- Marc Boutin, Principal, Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative

"Wade is one of the best chefs I know! He's creative and innovative in the kitchen, always coming up with new uses for classic (and obscure) ingredients. He's extremely knowledgeable, yet able to think out of the box. Every event I've attended that he's cooked for, or for which I've recommended his culinary skills, has been a huge success. He's very flexible, able to customize an event according to their needs and desires."

- Julie Van Rosendaal, One Smart Cookie, www.dinnerwithjulie.com

"LSD Rolls were just the start of the fabulous finger foods that Boreal Cuisine prepared for my 1969-themed birthday party."

- Beau Shiminsky
(Chef Wade's note: LSD = Lobster, Shrimp, Daikon)